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We provide certified auditors to support an organization’s requirement for conducting effective and professional management system audits.

Our audit approach and procedures are based on the international standard for the auditing of management systems, ISO 19011, as well as years of experience drawn from working with accredited third-party certification bodies.

In conducting audits, we aim to work closely with the client organization and staff with an overarching focus on the continual improvement of the management system.

We strive to add value and to deliver objective and unbiased feedback in the audit process that is fair and balanced.

How we can help

  • 1st party audits – internal audit of the organization
  • 2nd party audits – auditing of the organization’s suppliers and subcontractors
  • Pre-certification audits – assessment undertaken¬†prior to an initial stage 1 certification audit
  • Gap analysis – an informal audit to assess the current status of the management system
  • Audit programme management – outsourcing responsibility for the operational management of the organization’s audit arrangements

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